Dog scratched off paw pads, worn out paws

I wanted to write about this – hopefully this post will help someone

Just about 2 weeks ago I took my 4lb Maltese, Bubu, out for a walk; it was one of the first really nice days and she LOVES the outside so we spent almost two hours out walking on concrete pavement sidewalk around the neighborhood.  When we got home, I proceeded to rinse her paws as I always do after going outside and noticed the leather (the black stuff) on her paw pads (toes) is scratched off!  I had no idea this was even possible; she usually pulls on the leash but she never took off the top layer of skin from her paw pads.  Turns out the paw pads weaken during the winter months and Bubu is mostly an inside dog so her paw pads were ultra sensitive.  When she pulls on her harness the pavement acts as sandpaper against those little paw pads and files them down.  Two of the paw pads were completely worn out – I could see the red skin. 

Bubu acted normal after the walk but the next day she couldn’t walk – she was limping and I had to carry her around the whole day (I do it anyway so I did not mind at all).  I took Bubu to the emergency vet but they said  not to do anything; they gave me some pain relievers but I did not give them to Bubu (I don’t medicate my delicate 4lb dog unless I have to).  Thankfully there were no signs of infection so the vet said she would let it heal naturally; topical creams would only cause Bubu to lick the worn out/scratched off paws and irritate them further.

The right thing was to ease into the walks, begin with 10-15 min every day and/or only walk the dog on the grass to prevent this.

Thankfully Bubu felt better the next day

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3 Responses to Dog scratched off paw pads, worn out paws

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Did you wait for them to completely heal? My dog misses her walks. And thank you for all of your information. I will stop applying ointment.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for all of the info. I think since i was putting the ointment nightly and her consequently licking it off, they were healing slow. I’ll definitely wait. She’s very important to me. I never want her in pain. Is it easy to tell if they are fully healed?

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